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Boer Goat Farm

    In the last 25-30 years, there is a tendency of increasing the search of quality red meat in the entire world. The goat meat is about 63% of the totality of consumed red meat worldwide and this fact indicates the increased search and therefore the persistent tendency to make the specialized goat farms more famous and needed.

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    The breed Boer has unique biological, agricultural and functional characteristics and it is a hit on the market, with record prices for the animals and high quality meat for the connoisseurs. The animals from the breed are really remarkable with their exterior looks – large body with well defined shapes and structure.

  • The live weight of the female goats is 80-100kg and the male goats are 110-130kg but some may reach 150kg.
  • Very good fertility  – about 180-200%..
  • Exceptional virility of the animals – the males can reach virility at the age of 7-8 months and females – 10-12 months.
  • Longer breeding season, which allows intensification of the breeding process and the possibility of obtaining 3 births for period of 2 years.
  • The live weight of the goat lings is 3,4-3,7kg.
  • The daily weight gain until reaching 60-70 days is 200-300g and if the there is intensive fattening, it could reach about 400g per day.
  • The milk yield of the mothers is really high – it is enough to feed 2-3 young goats.
  • Really calm animals and this is why they are shortly called “the gentle giants”. They are very strong and not very pretentious regarding their food and growing conditions.
  • They digest very well the grassland vegetation, including weeds, bushes and foliage. This is the reason why they are called also “the living bush cutters” and cleaners of the grassland. They can be used to maintain good landscape and to improve the grasslands.
  • They can be used for breeding until the age of 10 years old

    The exceptionally high meat yield qualities are the most valuable characteristic of the Boer goats. In the table below it is shown a comparison between the goat meat and other widely consumed meats. We can make the following conclusions about the goat meat:


  • Excellent dietetic qualities – this is due to the healthy combination of high protein content and lower content of fats and cholesterol, it is a leader among the meats consumed for diets.
  • Excellent taste and aroma – absence of the specific smell of the goat meat and this quality is passed to the crossbreeds.
  • Excellent slaughter qualities – high yield, high quality of the carcass according to the system EUROP, the bigger part of the meat is prime quality.
  • The most expensive carcass for the market are obtained from young goats with weight of 4-12kg, from 5-6 months old animals the carcass is about 15-20kg and 12-18 months old animals have carcass about 25kg.

Comparative table of the Boer goat meat and meat from other animals

Sign in 100g live meat
Types of meat
Goat meat Veal meat
Pork meat Lamb meat Chicken meat
Calories 122 245 310 235 120
Fats (g) 2.6 16 24 16 3.5
Saturated fats (g) 0.8 6.8 8.7 7.3 1.1
Protein (g) 23 23 21 22 21
Iron (mg) 3.2 2.9 2.7 1.4 1.5

USDA Handbook, H&B Bulletin 72